Promethean Waltz: A New Production Featuring Robot Drummers and New Music

Austin’s very own Voyager Fest will be hosting an event to be headlined by avant garde act, Ponytrap. This group’s enthralling mix of classical and industrial music provides the foundation for Promethean Waltz, a new theatrical production that tells the story of a search for meaningful connection in a world overrun by technology. The performance will combine video projection, new music, and robotics to create a groundbreaking theatrical experience. The electronic group eBurner will open the event.

January 24, 2016 at 6 PM

The Stateside at the Paramount
713 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX
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The VoyagerFest organization is excited to partner with Ponytrap on this first in a series of events that will showcase experimental and progressive music. With Promethean Waltz, attendees will experience an engaging story that will be told through the music of Ponytrap, actor Charles Peter Keichline, and visuals provided by Recspec. During the performance, the audience will witness the construction of a large scale working robot. Promethean Waltz will be a “Bring Your Own Percussion” event, and showgoers will be encouraged to participate in the musical performance as well.

About Ponytrap

Ponytrap is a unique musical ensemble featuring robotic drummers and formally trained musicians performing industrially-inspired tribal/classical music. Quentin Thomas-Oliver is a professional musician and strings teacher who graduated with Honors and Distinction with a degree in Viola Performance from the University of Iowa. He has toured the country with both orchestras and rock bands. Hilary Thomas-Oliver is a professional writer and a finalist at the National Poetry Slam. She has toured extensively as a poet, speaker, and member of productions such as The Intergalactic Nemesis. The Thomas-Olivers built the robotic drums from scratch, using their own design and writing all of the software which both controls the machines and allows the robots to actually read written music.
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About VoyagerFest

VoyagerFest is an Austin-based organization that promotes local experimental musicians and artists. The organization was borne from a love of progressive music, which is an exploration of new and interesting musical landscapes that defy traditional genres and also make use of advancements in instrument technology. With a genuine interest in promoting exploratory music and art to expand minds and inspire people of all ages, VoyagerFest holds unique performances throughout the year. The VoyagerFest celebration of music and art culminates in the Voyager Annual Music Festival each summer in Austin.
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Lauren Lyman

Lauren Lyman

Lauren Lyman is a freelance writer, flutist, and singer. She is a graduate of Texas State University, where she attained a Master of Music in music history. She wrote her master's thesis on the sisters of Heart, as well as Fiona Apple, Madonna, and Janis Joplin.