Unofficial SXSW showcase & party featuring ​ Yonatan Gat, Thor Harris ​ (Swans) & 10 more Wed., March 16, 12pm – 2am  ||  Sahara Lounge, 1413 Webberville, Austin, TX  78721 21+  ||  Suggested donation: $5 (day) / $7 (night)  Free ample parking  ||  Felicia’s BBQ  ||  RSVP:


DAY​ (Noon – 6:30) ​ Breatherrr (LB, CA) 1pm || Krook Rock (PVD) 2pm || Kill County (Lin, NE) 3pm Marisa Nikole (Denver, CO) 4pm || Tamar Aphek (Israel) 5pm || EB & the Gang (ATX) 6pm NIGHT ​ (7pm – 2am) ​ Olmeca (LAX) 7pm || Crown Larks (Chicago, IL) 8pm || Cannibal Ramblers (PVD) 9pm Thor Harris (ATX) 10pm || Yonatan Gat (NYC) 11pm || The Harms (ATX) 12am || The Cuckoos 12:40 Selector J of “When Roots Attack”, KVRX all night


A  B  O  U  T    T  H  E     P  A  R  T  Y

King Saint Germain & friends bring you “The Grinder” –a day and night throwdown — Noon to 2 a.m. at Sahara Lounge, Wednesday., March 16, 2016. The party features artists who are breakin’ waves, stealin’ hearts and pouring every ounce they have into their craft.  Anchoring the show is the celebrated ​ Yonatan Gat ​ (trio) delivering fierce instrumentals that make crowds yell for more while they’re still playing.  Austin hero ​ Thor Harris ​ (of ‘Swans’) and his ensemble woo the crowd with their esoteric marimba melodies. Ten other artists grace the two-part showcase traversing miles of styles.


Noon – 7pm ​ -​ ​ Breatherrr ​(Long Beach, CA) starts it off big with beat driven electronica dreams, ​ Krook Rock ​ keeps it cool & cocky, lighting up the afternoon with classic hip-hop.​ Kill County ​ (Lincoln, NE) brings beautifully sincere country with a punk rock ethos & retro feel. When the ladies take over it’s ​ Marisa Nikole ​ (Denver, CO) with her charming acoustic Americana, then ​ Tamar Aphex ​ (Israel) lights up the dusk with wiry confessional rock. The day party ends with ​ EB & The Gang ​ who are sure to make you shake a tail feather with their Austin stylings of classic funk.​


(7-2am) – ​ The night begins with KVRX radio DJ​ Selector J ​who’s vinyl
spoonfuls will take us through classic Jamaica & beyond. ​ Olmeca ​entertains with smart cross-woven rhymes, like “The Browning of America”, but makes you forget you’re also learning. Crown Larks ​ (Chicago, IL) have been called fearless — their smart psych-rock free-jazz has brought attention from around the country including Village Voice & Stereogum. ​ Cannibal Ramblers ​ call their music “Deconstructive Delta Swamp Grand Mal Seizure”, hear them roar! Austinite ​ Thor Harris ​ and friends are sure to still the room with their cinematic percussive sounds. Headliner ​ Yonatan Gat ​ (trio) brings their one & only brand of explosive improvisation – effortlessly weaving free jazz, desert scales & effervescent melodies. Austin female trio ​ The Harms ​ try to make you jump with their fuzzy surf-garage and jangly guitar,​ ​ and the nightcap? Austin sensation,​  The Cuckoos ​ channel The Doors, yet own it, making everyone savor the magic.


Felicia’s BBQ ​ – Sausage Wraps, Chicken Wraps and more

Outdoor patio – ​ Take a load off on our beautiful patio complete w/ 2nd bar

Photo booth ​ – Jump in the photo booth to capture your sxsw experience

Free Parking ​- Ample parking available in our huge lot


Lauren Lyman

Lauren Lyman

Lauren Lyman is a freelance writer, flutist, and singer. She is a graduate of Texas State University, where she attained a Master of Music in music history. She wrote her master's thesis on the sisters of Heart, as well as Fiona Apple, Madonna, and Janis Joplin.