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How To get A Parent Taught Driver Education Online Course in Texas

If you’re reading this article you’re likely in Texas, and if you also have children our state offers you the unique ability to have your teenager take a parent-taught driver education course taught by a parent, stepparent, grandparent, legal guardian, or a legal guardian allowing you to bypass the need for the driving portion of a test from a driver’s ed school. This of course can help offset the cost of a driving school, and also is helpful for areas where they do not have the accessibility to one.

In addition to that the person teaching the course to the teenager must have a license that isn’t suspended and is valid, they haven’t had their driving privileges revoked in the past three years, and they don’t have more than six points on their driving record. The course after you have received the Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide and the training material from an approved Parent Taught Course Provider.

Here’s a summary of the first few steps for Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Programs:

  • Determine eligibility – It’s key for whoever the parent instructor is if they have any criminal or driver records to reach out to DPS before requesting a PTDE.program guide in order to make sure they’re fully eligible to teach the course.
  • Thoroughly read the requirements of the program and purchase the PTDE program guide.
  • Make sure and purchase a TDLR-approved course to teach from.
  • Help your student assist in obtaining a learner license from a DPS location.
  • Make sure your student completes classroom and behind-the-wheel course with you.
  • Lastly help your student obtain a provisional license from a DPS location.

Important Information to Know About Parent Taught Driver’s Education

Additional important steps and information that can help you out.

  • Purchasing a PTDE Program Guide from TDLDR (at a cost of $20) and a PTDE course from a course provider who charge their own fees
  • Make sure to correctly enter the student’s legal name into the forms for it to be properly submitted
  • DPS is the one to approve or deny instructors of parent taught programs based on their driving record and criminal history. View requirements here.
  • When you plan to go to DPS to obtain your learner license make sure to bring the receipt from your PTDE Program Guide.
  • When you go to take your provisional license from DPS make sure to bring both your receipt from the PTDE Program Guide and also the 30 hour driving log

Most of all remember to drive safely!

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Staff Writer