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Google Fiber Hiring Local Tech Support for Austin, Starts Construction

Google is currently hiring product support specialists through local tech support company Telenetwork theoretically for the launch of Google Fiber in Austin which is now due towards the end of the year after missing the previous deadline for the earlier in 2014.

Making room for Google Fiber on Austin's utility poles

Making room for Google Fiber on Austin’s utility poles

Construction has also begun around Austin to start laying over 3,000 miles of new state-of-the-art fiber optic cables for the ultra high-speed Internet connection. The network is being built from scratch and is not using any other cables, thus the reason for the delay and for the construction around town.

So far permits seem to show that Google Fiber will begin in South and East Austin area of town and is due towards the end of the year. The current status of the Google Fiber Austin site shows the status as in construction with the next status due for sign ups towards the end of the year, and then installation. Both Time Warner Cable and AT&T have responded to Google’s entrance into the Austin market with their own increased speeds, but nowhere near the Gigabit speeds that Google Fiber promises.

Jeff Tom

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