script_american_6.23.14Welcome to our weekly feature for our cheat meal of the week. Everyone tries to eat healthy, especially in Austin, but a cheat meal once a week is great. This series is set to feature it.

Torchy’s is definitely one of the best franchises to come up in Austin since possibly Amy’s Ice Cream, and their tacos are almost as decadent. They’re reliable, consistent, and fairly cheap which is hard to do. They also have a secret menu much like In-N-Out, and also feature a special taco of the month.

The American is absolutely one of Torchy’s best tacos and that is saying something. It combines a very unique set of textures of crispy fried chicken that’s perfectly baked and full of a lot of chicken in an spicy chipotle sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla.

americanComplimenting the taste buds are chopped up bits of bacon that are fresh with a bit of salt is perfectly complimented by a pineapple cole slaw that adds a hint of sweteness to it with a touch of pico de gallo.

God bless America, and God bless this taco.

The American wins our Austin cheat meal of the week.

Editor's Rating

The slogan is damn good tacos, and it doesn't lie.
Jeff Tom

Jeff Tom

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