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Austin is Now the 11th Largest City in the Country

Austin grew 6.6% in two years, leapfrogging Jacksonville, Indianapolis and San Francisco to become the USA’s 11th-largest city. In 2000, it was No. 17. The Census Beauru has released a new report that may not be very appealing to rush hour traffic situations, but shows the popularity of the city as it overtakes San Francisco in population. Austin has grown more than 26% since 2000.

Brookings Institution demographer William Frey says Austin enjoys a “trifecta” of qualities that make it attractive: It’s hip, it’s a high-tech city with a flagship state university, and it’s in Texas, a magnet for newcomers. “In some ways it’s a prototype of what other cities would like to become,” he says.

“Our city is strong, getting stronger every day,” says Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell. “Our growth and economic success are not accidental.”

Frey notes that Charlotte, which grew 5.4% since 2010 has grown into a high-tech and financial center whose industries do business not just with those in other U.S. cities but with the rest of the world.

Jeff Tom

Jeff Tom

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